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The Legend of Baggar Vance by Steven Pressfield – Dedication

In Adventure, Books, Novels on March 25, 2011 at 11:52 am

Steven Pressfield dedicated his novel The Legend of Baggar Vance ~

Lt William James Torpie, U.S. Army

October 20, 1943 – March 25, 1969

For you, Billy,

and other friends who fell

on other fields

Procession of the Dead by Darren Shan – Dedication

In Adventure, Books, Horror on June 24, 2010 at 8:27 am

Today: Irishman Darren Shan‘s Procession of the Dead. It’s his first adult novel after decades of totally awesome young adult Cirque du Freak fiction… it’s scary and thunderous and totally Frank von Stuck-ish.

Darren Shan‘s dedication in Procession of the Dead ~


Bas, Biddy & Liam – main standard-bearers in the procession

OBE (Order of the Bloody Entrails) to:

Gerry Vaughan-Hughes – Pip! Pip! Pooray!!!!


Sarah Hodgson – new kid on the block

Simon Spanton – old kid on the block

and all the Troops of the Christopher Little army

Darren Shan also dedicated his book Sons of Destiny to Bas, Biddy & Liam. He’s fond of those Orders of the Bloody Entrails too…