Animal Dream by Barbara Kingsolver and Fragile by Sting ~ Dedication

In Books, Music, Novels on August 18, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Our last post about Barbara Kingsolver drew 46 hits in a single day, so here’s another gem from her.

Barbara dedicated Animal Dream ~

in memory of Ben Linder

American engineer Ben Linder died in Nicaragua during a 1987 Contra ambush.  While the U.S. CIA secretly supplied the Contras with weapons and training, people like Linder worked against them non-violently. Linder helped build power plants to promote local electricity. He also juggled and rode his unicycle through the villages encouraging children to get vaccinations. Contra fighters shot Ben and two Nicaraguans at point-blank range. Several members of Congress blamed him for putting himself in harm’s way and accused his mother of politicizing her grief when she tried to speak out about the secretive hypocritical policies. It’s a courageous tale and a great dedication for Kingsolver’s book. Read More

Sting also dedicated a song, called “Fragile,” to Ben Linder.

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